Taurus offers primary and secondary conveyor belt scrapers in stainless steel. Featuring independently loaded blades for a closer, more efficient clean and blade technology that makes mainenance easy and cost effective, Taurus scrapers are engineered to perform.


Our pulleys are custom designed for each application as precision locking elements.


Taurus Scrapers offers two V-Ploughs in either standard or hooded configurations. Located ahead of a terminal pulley, Taurus V-Ploughs scrape any residual material that may have carried back on the return belt. For material that may bounce over traditional V-Plough blades, we custom design a hood to deflect any rogue debris that may cause belt damage.


As a far superior alternative to steel rollers, Taurus' Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) rollers have numerous benefits.

Impact Saddles

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