TS20 Secondary Scraper


The Taurus TS20 secondary scraper is a stainless steel unit featuring independently loaded blades for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Sitting at right angles to the belt and designed to reduce material build-up, the Taurus scraper can operate on forward and reversing belts. As an additional safety precaution for scrapers larger than 900mm, an optional support cradle is available on which the scraper is supported during removal and subsequent replacement.

Each blade is independently loaded so it will operate independently of the adjacent blade resulting in a higher efficiency for a longer period than other single bladed scrapers.

Each blade has slots where it connects to the buffer; these slots allow the blade to be adjusted vertically so the assembly (all blades) can be levelled and operate again as first installed.

Because of the near vertical faces of the scraper and the chamfered ledges, material tends to clear the working face very quickly and therefore, does not build up on the surfaces that can lead to blocking. The Taurus TS20 Secondary Scraper operates extremely well on wet materials.

The scraper is supplied with tungsten carbide blades but can be optioned with nylon blades for belts with steel joiners.

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